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Just Do Some Thing

An excerpt from my dialogue with Paul McAleer on our podcast Designing Yourself, Episode #14: The Breakthrough (originally aired May 23, 2014), with minimal editing for readability. [To Roz Duffy] So much of what you’re talking about is about trying and doing, which are actions that you take, as opposed to fear and anxiety, which [Keep Reading…]

User Experience, Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness at SAP

Last spring, Siva Sabaretnam, VP of User Experience at SAP, invited me to conceive a full-day event for the 100+ member UX team at SAP America, Inc. Palo Alto. I proposed that we focus on the role of emotional intelligence and mindfulness in user experience, and Siva adamantly agreed. With the pervasiveness of technology in [Keep Reading…]

My 10 Principles for Designing Experiences Applied to Designing Organizations

It’s hard to believe that it was way back in 2011 when I first began giving my presentation Design Principles: The Philosophy of UX. Three years later, I’ve given that talk at more than a dozen conferences around the globe, from Hong Kong to Bogotá to Tel Aviv and beyond. It has been a tremendous [Keep Reading…]

You down with OPP (Yeah you know me)

Other People’s Podcasts! What what! Hosting your own podcast is a heck of a lot of fun (or co-hosting, in my case, with Paul McAleer!), but every now and then it’s nice to be on the other side of the mic, so to speak. I’ve been lucky to be a guest on a few great [Keep Reading…]

The UX Career Path: From Wireframes to Coaching

I have attended the IA Summit every year since 2008. This year’s event takes place in my new home of San Diego, so naturally I’ll be there. It’s hard to believe it will be my 7th consecutive year when I still feel like a newbie. I love this community, I love this conference, and I [Keep Reading…]

Speak and Be Seen

I’m thrilled to have been invited to contribute a piece to Ladies in Tech, a new site celebrating and supporting female speakers in technology. Published today, Speak and Be Seen is a deeply personal story of how I first got involved in public speaking and the massive fears I’ve had to overcome along the way. [Keep Reading…]

The truth about the presentation process

Having the opportunity to speak to an audience who cares what you have to say and believes they can learn something new from you is a totally surreal experience. Especially when you consider that months of work pours out of you in under an hour. I’ve been speaking at conferences since the fall of 2008. [Keep Reading…]