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Photo of the day: Back in 30 minutes

Time has always bothered me; I don’t really believe in it. It’s a human invention, a representation of reality. Now the passage of time, that’s something I can believe in. You can feel it. You can measure it. But it’s always, ALWAYS, relative to something else. Like when you’re in the train station waiting for [Keep Reading…]

Photo of the day: A man in need of an iPad

…or a Kindle, or a nook. I recently spotted this man at a Starbucks in SoHo. He was clearly settled in for the day, his keyboard propped up against the wall behind him, feet kicked up, book in hand…and in the other hand, a magnifying glass to help him read the damn thing. That very [Keep Reading…]

Photo of the day: Bags on Board

My cousins have an adorable Boston Terrier named Luna. She likes to play tug of war, and fetch, and tear her toys apart. And unlike the dogs I had growing up, she also likes to poop outside. Over the summer my cousins were taking Luna for a walk and I noticed their completely amazing leash. [Keep Reading…]

Photo of the day: Penn Station, Charging Station

I’ve found myself at Penn Station quite a lot lately. You see, I’m working on the project of a lifetime with Happy Cog Philadelphia, so I visit by train from time-to-time. A few weeks ago I observed some unusual behavior: I’ve passed by this column dozens of times when I walk into the Amtrak area [Keep Reading…]

Photo of the day: A Restroom on a Mission

You couldn’t pay me to use the restroom at NYC’s Penn Station, but I didn’t think twice about needing to pee when I was at Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station recently. Perhaps it was their warm welcome and solemn promise to take care of me that put me at ease. OUR MISSION is to provide the [Keep Reading…]

Photo of the day: Makeshift Mailbox

Beard Papa claims to make the world’s best cream puffs, and they aren’t lying. Fortunately for the folks at New Work City, they have a location just around the corner. Unfortunately, it’s been “closed for maintenance” since November. I walked by recently and noticed a FedEx box labeled MAIL BOX taped to the outside of [Keep Reading…]

Photo of the day: Trash Can Copywriting

I get my hair cut at Bumble & bumble‘s downtown salon. Not only does Dante always give me a great cut, but Bb creates one of the most exceptional customer experiences of any service in my day-to-day life. They’re a high-end salon, but a key aspect of their brand is a playfulness that they inject [Keep Reading…]