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Old Guard Versus New Guard: An Interview by Tom Johnson

While at STC Summit in Dallas a month ago, Tom Johnson, a technical writer for the LDS Church in Salt Lake City, asked if he could interview me for his blog I’d Rather Be Writing. From Tom’s blog post: In this videocast, I talk with Whitney Hess at the STC Summit in Dallas about her [Keep Reading…]

Reaching outside the UX tribe at STC’s Technical Communication Summit

In Transcending Our Tribe, my closing plenary at this year’s Information Architecture Summit, I asserted that in order for the field of user experience to survive, we need to stop spending so much time looking inwards, and start reaching out to the larger business and technical communities. Because I’m a big fan of practicing what [Keep Reading…]

Photo of the day: Kickin’ It Old School

I’ve been riding Amtrak a lot lately, and I’ve seen a lot of businesspeople with their laptops and USB modems and BlackBerrys and bluetooth headsets. That has become the norm, even among the baby boomers. So much so that I had to do a double-take when I saw this sweet guy kickin’ it old school: [Keep Reading…]

Photo of the day: 12 Gay Street

Today’s photo comes courtesy of my friend Mike Singleton over at drop.io. This door is at 12 Gay Street in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan. According to Mike, this sign on the front door (DANGER!! NO INTERIOR FLOORS!!) is the only sign that there’s any construction going on inside or around the building. It’s [Keep Reading…]

Photo of the day: Elevator in Use By Peabody Ducks

Talk about being on brand. The Peabody Hotel never misses a beat when it comes to their world-renowned ducks. This is the sign they put in front of the center elevator just before the March of the Ducks. It’s so freakin’ cute and something you’d never see anywhere else that I just had to share. [Keep Reading…]

Photo of the day: Cigarette vending machine

On a recent trip to Pittsburgh, I passed this cigarette vending machine when I went to the restroom at Finnegan’s Wake (one of my favorite Irish pubs in town). It took me by surprise because they’ve been illegal in New York City for almost 20 years. I remember playing with the knobs as a little [Keep Reading…]

Photo of the day: Elvis had cheap gas

Elvis’s Automobile Museum at Graceland is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. More than 50 vintage cars in absolutely pristine condition. If you ever find yourself in Memphis, the cars and the house are not to be missed. Among the cars was this old Tokheim gas pump from what must have been the [Keep Reading…]