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NY Tech Meetup — February 2010

This month’s NY Tech Meetup was titled Rally for the Future. With almost 700 people in attendance at FIT’s Haft Auditorium, NYTM veered off its typical format of 7 presenters for 5 minutes each. Instead a wide variety of people gave impassioned arguments about how to bring New York to the forefront of the technology revolution. Some were compelling, others were unconvincing, and a couple were just plain strange.


Read my Twitter notes from the event below:

  • NYTM is about to begin. Quite a lineup tonight! Can’t wait to see @tonybgoode on stage :)
  • But the cell service at FIT still sucks
  • Long rant by @heif telling us we don’t all need to be fixated on bringing 20th century problems into the 21st century. Some truth here
  • It doesn’t help NY tech’s reputation when @heif constantly talks about how we need a “rebirth.” We aren’t dead. Look around
  • Up now is the founder of Sustainable South Bronx. She’s talking about the factors that contribute to growth in at-risk areas.
  • Up now is Transportation Alternative. He says we’ve become an urban society. Be healthy, work on sustainable technologies, walk places
  • Now up is Ben from SeeClickFix. Report non-emergencies around cities by tagging them on Google Maps. It’s being used globally
  • SeeClickFix has an incognito employee at the Department of Transportation who is anonymously using the site to fix problems around NYC
  • Two dudes from U Mass Amherst are rallying us to scream FREEDOM and encouraging us fight to protect our freedoms.
  • Now up is my dear friend @tonybgoode of @nwc! Wooohooo!
  • - @tonybgoode telling us that in 10 years we’re all going to be working wherever we want. Laundromats, parks, daycare centers. Freedom
  • Learn how to make the new working world a reality with @tonybgoode at http://bit.ly/nwcfuture conversation continues 2/12 @nwc
  • Now up is @clayshirky on how the Twitterverse has gotten bland since it’s gone mainstream. I think I was talking about this last month
  • - @clayshirky says that I’m the center of the universe. I knew it!
  • Your diet affects your weight but your friends’ diets affect your weight too. Health is a social construct, not personal like we think
  • Friend of friend networks may be the wrong scale. Studies show that we are affected by the 3rd circle (friends of friends of friends)
  • This 3rd circle is the urban scale, or what @clayshirky likes to call the Serendipity layer. He thinks there’s unexplored value there
  • “Narcissism has never been a bad business model.” — @clayshirky
  • Mission statement for @NYTM is: “To support the NY tech community for its people and the world.” — Andrew Rasiej
  • Andrew Rasiej says NYC is the best city in the world, but we need to do more to prove it. We’re stuck in the 20th century
  • Guy from the MTA just up talking about how they”re putting out their data for “licensors” to make use of. Why not free? asks @orian
  • Jacqueline of AcumenFund @jnovogratz is up now. She’s focused on using tech to bring dignity, not just wealth, to ppl around the world
  • “The answers to the world’s problems aren’t that difficult. They’re fundamental to what it means to be human.” — @jnovogratz
  • Now up is @aym The Alliance for Youth Movements. Using tech and social media to fight back against violence
  • Editor of Tech Section of Huffington Post is up now talking about the future of media. “Media is put out before it’s thought out.”
  • Rachel Stern of Ground Report is up now talking about the “new rules” of the new news economy. Real-time, never-ending cycle
  • Citizen journalism in practice: 1st photo of US Airways flight landing on Hudson River was taken & posted to Twitter by non-journalist
  • Jay Parkinson, pediatrician, is talking about the future of healthcare. Lots of numbers going up on the screen that I can’t capture
  • - @lessin says we can no longer focus on small scope problems. “Real” problems have global scope and expand faster than we can control
  • Reverend Billy and Church of Life After Shopping are parading down the aisles! #nytm http://tweetphoto.com/10278364

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