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A Hippocratic Oath for User Experience Designers

I have made some slight adjustments to the Hippocratic Oath, the ethical code of conduct for medical doctors, in order to serve as a vow for user experience practitioners. Please join me in reciting this oath and pledging to uphold the principles defined herein. The UX Hippocratic Oath I swear to fulfill, to the best [Keep Reading…]

What the customer actually wanted

A few weeks ago Orian sent me a hilarious but sad cartoon on the all-too-familiar process of cumulative error and product dilution during a project life cycle: customer request -> finance -> engineering -> manufacturing -> marketing -> delivery. Not only do we fail to deliver on what was proposed, but what the customer said [Keep Reading…]

Resolution Found with the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel

I’m impressed. Within 12 hours from my initial complaint to the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel about their sub-par conditions, I had received an email apologizing for the discontent. Then within 20 minutes of my response today (to follow), we have received a refund for one night. I am very pleased with the outcome and the [Keep Reading…]

The Sheraton Responds!

[This is an update on the disappointing conditions I recently experienced at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel.] Within 12 hours of my critical survey submission to TNS Global — the vendor who handles Sheraton’s customer satisfaction surveys — I received the following email from Sheraton’s Manager of Experience Engineering. I’m really glad they’re listening. Read [Keep Reading…]

The Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel is a hot mess

Allow me to preface this rant by saying that the organizers of IDEA 2009 are in no way responsible for the poor accommodations and service at the Sheraton Center Toronto Hotel. Though it was the hotel recommended on the conference website and at which a group discount was provided, there is no way that the [Keep Reading…]

U.S. Patent 7,587,349

I am thrilled to report that U.S. Patent 7,587,349 was granted on September 8, 2009, and I am named as a co-inventor! This has been more than 4 years in the making. My first job out of grad school in January 2005 was at Digitas as a Senior Interaction Designer, and one of my first [Keep Reading…]

May you be inscribed in the book of life

Yesterday was Yom Kippur, considered the holiest day of the year for Jews. I have never been particularly religious, but fasting on Yom Kippur is something I’ve done since I was a kid. Not because my parents told me to or because it was expected of me, but because the significance of the day is [Keep Reading…]