Who is Josh Damon Williams’s mentor?

[This post is part of a series on Mentors and Heroes]   Josh Damon Williams is the director of product strategy at Hot Studio, a people-centered design studio, where previously he served as a senior user experience designer. He is also a part-time DJ. Follow him on Twitter @joshdamon. Josh Damon Williams’s mentor is… Ryan [Keep Reading…]

Faceted Filtering…in the Real World

I’m completely in love with this new commercial by Freschetta that demonstrates what “faceted filtering” would look like in the physical world. Pattern Definition Faceted filtering is a mechanism that allows the user to progressively reduce a large group of items by selecting the desired attributes from various dimensions (or facets) of those items Note: [Keep Reading…]

New to New York?

My new friend Dave Dawson recently graduated college and moved from Cambridge to NYC. While I was timid and intimidated when I first entered the working world, Dave is quite the opposite –– he is eager to put himself out there, meet lots of new people, and see what the city has to offer. Over [Keep Reading…]

The Project of a Lifetime

I’m on the Amtrak down to Washington, D.C. as I write this. Tomorrow (Monday) I start a new project that will likely be the biggest professional challenge I’ve ever faced and will carry profound personal significance as well. Happy Cog East in Philadelphia was recently awarded the website redesign project for the United States Holocaust [Keep Reading…]

Darlin’ Do Not Fear

Sometimes the perfect song just finds you. When I arrived in my own set of clothes I was half a world away from my home And I was hunted by the wolves and I was heckled by the crows Darlin’ do not fear what you don’t really know Alongside my innocence I laid in bed [Keep Reading…]

My notes from An Event Apart Chicago 2009

Earlier this week, I went into detail about my experience as a speaker at An Event Apart Boston and Chicago 2009. Here are my Twitter notes from last week’s Chicago event. I had amazing time getting to hear design and development tips and inspiration from some of the most prominent speakers in the field. I [Keep Reading…]

DIY UX at An Event Apart Chicago 2009

Last Monday, October 12, 2009, I presented DIY UX: Give Your Users an Upgrade (without calling in a pro) to a sold out 500-person crowd at An Event Apart Chicago. DIY UX: Give Your Users an Upgrade (Without Calling In a Pro)   I gave this talk for the first time (minus a couple test [Keep Reading…]