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City Trails: May 11-15

I’ve been realizing this week that I’m a true road warrior. Most days I find myself in all corners of New York City, from TriBeCa to the Upper West Side to Union Square to the West Village and sometimes to DUMBO. So I’ve decided to start a new blog series called “City Trails” to track my adventures. I won’t be telling you exactly where I went (because I really don’t need stalkers), but you’ll still be able to get a sense of how crazy my days are.

The maps include distance traveled by walking, subway and cab.

Here’s what I put myself through this week:

Monday, May 11

Tuesday, May 12

Wednesday, May 13

Thursday, May 14

Friday, May 15

Oh, the consulting life. I think I’m going to start making people come to me!

What did your weeks look like? Post the maps on your blog with a link back here so it’ll show up in the trackbacks (or just give us your post link here in the comments).

[If you’re wondering, I used Gmaps Pedometer to make these maps]

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