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Get Satisfaction is now on Pleasure and Pain (and vice versa)

I get enormous pleasure out of writing this blog, but I don’t do it just to sermonize. This blog is for you, anyone out there interested in the broad topic of user experience — whether you’ve never heard it before or practice it every day.

Since I always want to make this space better, involve you more, give you what you’re looking for, ensure you’re getting value from my posts and have a reason to keep coming back (you know, eat my own dog food), I’ve decided to create an account with Get Satisfaction.

Get Satisfaction is a community that helps people to get the most from the products they use, and where companies are encouraged to get real with their customers.

Just click the Feedback tab on the left and leave a comment. Tell me your thoughts, questions, hopes and dreams. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

[Sidenote: Get Satisfaction's president is Lane Becker, a.k.a. @monstro, co-founder of Adaptive Path and a really rad guy.]

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