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Data Visualization Inspiration

In the spirit of sharing responses to Twitter questions (see last post on business cards), I wanted to post the list of resources that were sent to me when I asked the following question:

I’m working on a project that will probably need to show trend data and since I’m beginning to work on the wireframes, I wanted some inspiration. These links are highly varied and wildly interesting stuff. Take a look for yourself, and feel free to add other links in the comments.

Fox News Election Map
Search results for “data visualization” on Delicious
My Mile Marker
Digg Labs
@alexlines’s data viz bookmarks
information aesthetics
@apolaine’s visualization bookmarks
Data viz article in Smashing Magazine
Kottke’s election maps
New York Times’ election results maps
A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods

It would take too much time to go back and match responses to people, so I hope a general THANK YOU to these folks will suffice:
@kkinlen, @mptado, @alexlines, @semanticwill, @mdbraber, @apolaine, @mikepratt, @aapjerockdt, @tipjoy, @tdeletto, @BryanFromBoston, @SpE_NYC, @tikkers, and @AmyCueva.
I’m sorry if I missed anyone.

[And thanks to @meredi for inspiring the post!]

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  1. Gah! I was going to leave a comment, but I just realized you already have the one I was going to post: “Data viz article in Smashing Magazine”

  2. This is a great resource. Thanks for posting it, I'm sure I will refer back to it in the future.

  3. This is one of my favorite data visualizations, even though it's more art than practical. http://www.chrisharrison.net/projects/bibleviz/

  4. Great post. Have you seen http://flowingdata.com/? Lots of resources regarding data visualization

  5. catenation says:

    Check out http://musicplasma.com/


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