10 best Twitterers to follow for your soul, not your career

I always see these “top Twitterer” lists of people with high follower counts touted by social climbing social media DBs. Those people bore me.

Instead I’m inspired by people with a unique perspective on the world around them, unique voice and style, who make me smile or think differently or challenge me to be a better person. Following them isn’t about some ulterior motive or networking agenda. Their words feed my soul.

I hope they’ll do the same for you.


Geoff Barnes
Pittsburgh, PA
Humorous quips, familial reflections, artful turns of phrase


Susana Martins
Chicago, IL
Social criticism, witty banter with celebrities, unapologetic snark


Alex Godin
Westchester, NY
High school ennui, teenage observations, young ambition


Greg Palmer
Washington, DC
Activism, current events commentary, gay rights


Tina Roth Eisenberg
Brooklyn, NY
Visual inspiration, beauty in everything, geek motherhood


Sasha Kane
Fighting breast cancer, motivational insights, gratitude


Steve Farber
San Diego, CA
Leadership, personal empowerment, universal lessons


His Holiness the Dalai Lama
Dharamsala, India
Proverbs, moral principles, spiritual growth


Mayor Cory Booker
Newark, NJ
Civic duty, continuous improvement, local pride

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  1. Matt J. says

    Recommending following these people “for your soul” is like recommending throwing patchouli oil on your house while it is on fire. That is how toxic the ideologies of these people really are.

    “Unapologetic snark”? Who NEEDS this? Nobody, that is who. Likewise, “young ambition” is something that needs to be outgrown, not encouraged.

    Even “artful turns of phrase” are more often mere pretty baubles rather than nuggets of wisdom good for the soul.

    if you REALLY want something good for the soul, this is the time of the year for reading through the whole Book of Proverbs. Do that while taming the unruliness of the body with mild fasting and hearing the Akathist and Great Canon in anticipation of the Feast of the Resurrection and you will find REAL benefit for your souls.

    Then you too will look back on “youthful ambition” and “unapologetic snark” and wonder: “why did I ever think that that was what I wanted?”

  2. says

    Wow, Matt J., you talk about snark but you yourself are the snarky one. A bit rude of a comment, don’t you think? Whitney has done a lovely job reminding us of ways to learn about life through social media.

  3. Katherine Gray says

    Good list! I’d love to add one, if I may: Brene Brown. At least she’s been good for *my* soul lately, especially with this one quote she posted last week:

    “She couldn’t go back and make the details pretty, she could only move forward and make the whole beautiful.” ~Terri St. Cloud

    I did a bunch of fun and scary and unplanned things in the last few weeks and I’m starting in on the second-guessing. So I’ve been saying this quote in my head about 50 times a day. This seems like a quote you might appreciate, too. :)

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