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Philly Tweetup 08/27/08

If you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you probably realize I have a mild (okay, not so mild) obsession with Twitter. If you aren’t already following me, please rectify that now.

Because I enjoy nothing more than a good conversation over a good beer, I’ve organized some “Tweetups” (Twitter meetups) in the past, both at home in New York, and when I travel (one in Portland and one in Miami).

Philly is only two hours away and yet I’ve only been there maybe five times. Since so many of my Twitter friends and user experience colleagues live in the area, I thought it would be great to get everyone together for a night. I like it when worlds collide and we have the opportunity to meet people whose paths we might not cross otherwise. A shout-out to the folks who showed up to Nodding Head Brewery on Wednesday night:

** If I missed anyone, please let me know in the comments! **

And a special thanks to @anniemal and @holaolah for helping to spread the word!

People have asked me why I like these Tweetups, if I have some sort of ulterior motive or greater aspiration. I’m not trying to be anything or do anything other than enrich my life. I don’t think the purpose of social networking is to sit on the computer all day — it’s to meet people in the real world, have new experiences, learn something, discover something new, expand your horizons, make connections, and enjoy life. So no, I’m not trying to achieve anything other than having a good time. And I hope if you’re reading this and we haven’t met yet, you make it a point to come out and join in the fun sometime.

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  • http://www.TalkingChesterCounty.com John Lauber

    That was a fun event and it's a good way to meet people outside of the computer, as you said. Thank you and @anniemal and @holaolah for setting that up.

  • http://www.theharteofmarketing.com Beth Harte

    Hi Whitney, it was great to meet you! I am bummed, however, that we didn't get a chance to talk more..but there were SO many people there! ;-) Maybe next time. Thanks for the list of attendees, there are a bunch of great folks that I am not following on Twitter…but will be shortly!

    Have a great weekend!

    • http://www.whitneyhess.com/blog Whitney Hess

      I'm sure I'll be back in Philly soon enough! Definitely let me know if you're ever in NYC.

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