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10 Worthwhile Twitter Bots

Yeah, you get it. I love Twitter. It’s a great place to connect with new and interesting people, but it’s also just a good platform for information delivery and in some cases productivity. Some of these are actual bots (automated accounts) while others are just run by an organization — I’m lumping them into the same category because I’m tired.

Top 10 Twitter accounts to follow

  1. @having (FoodFeed), a way to track your eating habits through tweets [via @hikirsch]
  2. @s (I Want Sandy), interact with Sandy, your personal e-mail assistant
  3. @snaptweet, post your Flickr photos to Twitter
  4. @notches, share your reviews of movies/music/restaurants/anything [Full disclosure: Notch.es is a client of mine]
  5. @trackthis, track FedEx/UPS/USPS/DHL packages
  6. @gcal, add events to your Google Calendar
  7. @twittersecret, anonymously post your innermost thoughts, just like PostSecret
  8. @lotd (Lyric of the Day), short lyrics to brighten your mood or make you think
  9. @livetwitting, for when you’re live-tweeting from a conference or event
  10. @missingchildren, missing children alerts in the U.S. from http://missingkids.com

What did I miss?

What are your favorite Twitter bots? Organization accounts? Content providers? Other miscellaneous Twitter services?

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  1. I just ran across a post about @godaddyguy who like @comcastcares will provide technical support.

    Fantastic post….

  2. Personally, I like to follow @woot to find out the latest woot.com deal!

  3. I have found the following Twitter bots that I find helpful for any NFL fan or Fantasy Football player:


  4. I follow these : @twtask to create tasks directly form twitter and @getsong to watch videos.

  5. Nuno Rodrigues says:

    If you want to check a bot which provides the results of the main football (Soccer) competitions just check http://www.twitter.com/twitscores

  6. @romeo__ and @juliet__ Shakespeare's play, one line every fifteen minutes.

  7. http://twitter.com/hotfreelance – twitter bot for freelance job seakers

  8. Whitney, I stumbled upon this page and didn't immediately see that you wrote this mid-2008. Looks like #2, #7, #9 and #10 have closed up…

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