What I did while Twitter was down today

Twitter had a Denial of Service Attack this morning, which affected its uptime all day today. Therefore I was forced to figure out what to do without it. Here’s what I came up with:

  • I noted my frustration on Facebook
  • I actually looked at my friends’ pages on Facebook
  • I reached Inbox Zero in Google Reader and reorganized some feeds
  • I read three newspapers (online)
  • I refreshed the page ~700 times
  • I organized some photos
  • I read old emails
  • I tweaked some plugins on my blog
  • I thought about my life
  • I wrote this post
  • I saw a movie
  • I got my nails done
  • I refreshed UberTwitter ~50 times
  • I thought of 15 important things I should have told the world today, but couldn’t

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  1. says

    Look how much you got done though? Sometimes the internets breaking isn't such a bad thing. I know the week I didn't have internet or tv when I moved into my new apartment was one of my most productive ever… Food for thought!


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