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Just installed Snitter and wanted to give you my quick thoughts. I had to install Adobe Air first, which I’m glad about because I’ve been meaning to do it for a while. Then the Snitter install took 30 seconds.

My immediate reaction to the interface is that it’s nice and simple, and pretty (I like green). It’s a scalable app like Twitterific, and already I can see the benefit of Air. [How cool is it gonna be when I can run Adobe Air on my new MacBook Air?! I can’t contain my excitement]

Weirdly enough, the default filter was set to “Now” – “Now minus 2 hours ago,” but it was only displaying two tweets from earlier this morning (not the last two I’d received). I clicked on the Filter tab and deleted the filter entirely, and now it seems to be working.

Some features I like:

  • When you roll over a tweet, options to reply, send a direct message or mark as a favorite are displayed; like Twitterific, the Twitter syntax is then automatically populated in your new message field
  • There’s a built-in “Make a link smaller” function that helps you cut down on character length; it uses snurl.com which I’d never heard of before but seems to work as well as tinyurl (which Twitter uses)
  • Displays the time of its last poll, so I don’t have to wonder if it’s working and up-to-date
  • Dropdown allows me to display either the list of tweets, people I’m following or people following me
  • Look up any profile and have it displayed in the app
  • Best feature of all: I can search for any string of words in the public timeline and the results are displayed almost instantaneously

Some features I don’t like:

  • No keyboard shortcuts like in Twitterific (up and down arrows on the keyboard don’t scroll through the tweets list)
  • Character counter counts up from 0 instead of down from 140
  • Some messages display a horizontal scrollbar when the URL should just wrap to the next line –I really detest horizontal scrollbars, especially within a frame

The Options window is nice and compact with a few cool features, and a few things that don’t seem to work. For instance, in the Display section it seems I can choose a theme, but the only option in the dropdown is Snitter Green. I do like, however, that I can set the transparency of the app. I played around with it for a bit, and seems like I like 5% the best. There’s also a comprehensive set of notification options, and I like that I can be picky about when to bother me and when not to.

Thanks to Matthew Oliphant for the recommendation. My department is getting Macs in a few weeks, so this is just an interim solution. Gotta feed my Twitter habit!

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