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I only started using Twitter a couple weeks ago, but now I’m noticing it mentioned everywhere. Here are just a few Twitter apps that I’ve recently discovered.

A simple desktop app for your Mac to read and publish tweets

Cool features: Scalable (and pretty) user interface; auto-update your iChat/Adium/Skype status; unread count displayed on the Dock
What I don’t get: Why are there so many disconnect errors every day? Is it just my Internet connection, or are other people experiencing this?

Twitter for Facebook
A Facebook app to read and publish tweets

Cool features: Display your latest tweet in your Facebook profile; use Twitter to update your Facebook status
What I don’t get
: No way to have your Facebook status update your Twitter; no way to see which Facebook friends use Twitter (can only see who’s added the app)

An app used to visualize and manipulate Twitter feeds

Cool features: See where tweets are coming from and average character length (took me forever to figure out what this was)
What I don’t get: According to their website, you’re supposed to be able to interact with the tweets by “deconstructing the text: scrambling the letters or words, breaking sentences apart, replacing words, combining multiple entries into one, etc.” But I just can’t seem to figure out how to access the functionality. Is it because I’m on a Mac? Furthmore, what’s the point?

A real-time geographic visualization of tweets

Cool features: See posts from around the world, or limit to your friends and followers
What I don’t get: You can rate tweets with “I like this post” or “I dislike this post” — but how does this affect your view?

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