My Twitter Mosaic

Inspired by @woodlandalyssa, I decided to give Twitter Mosaic a whirl.

Here are all of the people that I currently follow on Twitter and consider to be important and interesting people in my life. I hope you like them, too :)

Get your twitter mosaic here.

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  1. DaveFriedel says

    It's funny. I tried to buy a mug with a twitter mozaic from Zappos. I paid and got a confirmation email. Then about 24 hours later an apology saying that they were not allowed to use private photos of people, and since you have some that would end up on the merchandise, your order is now cancelled. I fired back with “then why even offer the ability to this?” Whose mozaic of followers doesn't have some pictures of people?? And in the U.K. the person in the picture is the rightful owner, not the service or photographer. Interesting.

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