Visualizing First-Time Interactions at SXSW

You might remember the near-novel I wrote a couple months ago on LinkedIn InMaps titled, “Hubs and Connectors: Understanding Networks Through Data Visualization.” Now New Work City member Alex Shapiro, founder of CEO of TouchGraph, has created a powerful network visualization based on contact exchanges made via Hashable at SXSW. The Java applet allows you [Keep Reading…]

Where is Whitney in 2011?

I thought I did a lot of traveling last year, but what I’ve got planned for 2011 already blows 2010 out of the water. There are 10 cities on the itinerary so far, and I’m sure there will be more to come. It’s exhausting when I stop to think about it, but then I remember [Keep Reading…]

Whit Hour – Week 22

Thank you so much to the ~22 people who showed up for the twenty-second week of Whit Hour — my weekly one-hour video chat to answer any and all of your questions about user experience, consulting, and whatever else you throw at me. Tune in every Monday night from 10-11pm Eastern Time at Whit [Keep Reading…]

I wish I were going to UX Hong Kong!

Last weekend I had a Skype catch-up session with my good friend Dan Szuc. Dan runs the usability consultancy Apogee HK, and his team is producing the first ever UX Hong Kong on February 18, 2011. Apogee HK started at the end of 1999, and by 2003 Dan realized that there was a need for [Keep Reading…]

See me speak at Web 2.0 Expo NY

I’ll be giving my DIY UX talk at Web 2.0 Expo NY tomorrow morning (session page), and later will be leading a conversation session on The Value of UX for Startups. If you see me in the halls of the Sheridan today, tomorrow or Thursday, be sure to say hi. I always love meeting new [Keep Reading…]

My Rejected Submission to Interaction11: What Lessons Can We Learn From Soap Operas For Designing Experiences

Rejection emails from IxDA’s Interaction11 conference have begun to circulate this morning. There were 300 submissions for the lightning sessions and only 30 slots, and no doubt rejecting 90% of the speakers was an extremely tough task. I don’t take it personally at all that I was included among them. Many people in the industry [Keep Reading…]