A New Perspective

Shifting your perspective isn’t only necessary to offer empathy to others, but it gives your own views much more depth. Here’s an excerpt from my February post for The Pastry Box, published today:

On our first day of class, the teacher led us out of the building and brought us a few blocks away to this beautiful plaza. He sat us side-by-side along the curb and told us to draw what we saw down the narrow street in front of us. I wasn’t a very good drawer—heck, I’m still not a good drawer—but I found it very satisfying to precisely capture what was there. At the end of class, I was so proud of what I’d created. It looked so accurate.

But what happened next was really amazing. The teacher had us all look at each other’s drawings. Not to see everyone else’s talent, but for a much more important reason. Even though we had been staring at the same spot for the last hour, we were all seeing it from different angles. Suddenly looking at everyone else’s drawings we were able to see the street so much more fully, in all its magnitude.

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