Why Coaching Matters

Everyone could benefit from seeing themselves from a different perspective. Our beliefs, our blind-spots, and our self-imposed limitations are all too often barriers to becoming who we’re really meant to be.

This is especially true of professionals entering a new phase of their career or students entering a new course of study. The inner critic rears its ugly head; competition reigns; self-care plummets. Mostly, we feel alone in our fight to excel, to map out our career path, and to find some semblance of balance in our lives.

Having access to a personal coach could really change the equation. Someone to guide us through the process of self-discovery and self-management. Someone to help us identify what’s getting in our way and create a plan of action to move through it. Someone to encourage us to stay healthy in mind, heart and body.

By working with a coach, you get a personalized development plan to engage in over the long-term. You have regular sessions with your coach to review your progress and course-correct as needed. And most importantly, you have a completely confidential resource outside of your immediate circles to help you make the most out of every experience.

This is not therapy. This is not career counseling. A coach is a partner in getting to the next level in all aspects of life. The hard work is yours to do, but a coach can help show the way.

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  1. Chris says

    I am falling in love with UX Design and would love to have a mentor to show me the road and guide me throughout the process of learning and acquiring new skills. But it is difficult to find a person with enough experience and willingness to mentor.


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