Awesome email of the day: The unglamorous side of UX

A few days ago, I received an amazing email from someone I have never before met, wanting to share some information. The purpose of the email is irrelevant, but the opening paragraph is SO classic, it’s worth reposting here.

You should know that somewhere in the depths of the UX world there are a bunch of people you have definitely never heard working on the remarkably unglamorous side of UX. That would be me and my colleagues…working for the government. Trying to bring large titanic-like agencies into the 21st century. While protecting data. And making everything VERY usable, because our user group is, well, America. Working to provide an excellent experience…while adhereing to a lot of regulations and red tape etc. etc. People who are trying really really hard to make the world a better place. Because we really care that you should be able to apply for a new Social Security card online, and that it should be less painful than going to a Social Security office. Who really want to find a way to make you not want to beat your head against a wall of nails when you have to fill out an IRS form. You get the picture.

We thank you, unglamorous UXers. Sleep well.

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