UPDATE: Facebook at fault for unauthorized link with Twitter account

Last night there was a minor fiasco when hundreds of thousands of people suddenly found that their tweets were being published to their Facebook status without their explicit authorization. The only way to fix the problem was to remove or block the Twitter application from within Facebook.

Mashable is now reporting that the glitch was caused by Facebook, and not Twitter or FriendFeed whom initially appeared to be responsible for sending the tweets to your Facebook status.

A statement received from the Facebook team late last night:

“Earlier this evening, a small Facebook bug allowed a handful of apps to publish to the stream on behalf of users who had previously authorized the app. The situation has now been resolved, and all application settings will remain intact for users.”

Some users are still reporting that the problem is there, and that in order to fix it permanently one has to explicitly toggle the Twitter app publishing setting on and off in Facebook before it takes affect.

As of 9:30am ET Thursday, there is no comment on either the Facebook blog or Twitter blog about the incident.

Read more on CNET and Mashable.

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