Photo of the day: The unfoggable mirror

Orian and I stayed at the Seaport Hotel in Boston a few weekends ago. After getting out of the shower I noticed that a portion of the mirror was somehow not fogged up! At first I thought it was a happy accident, but then I realized that couldn’t be and gasped at the genius of it. Orian had the idea of touching the fog-free area and discovered that, as he suspected, it was heated from behind.

Truly an amazing and unforgettable bathroom feature. I imagine this isn’t entirely inexpensive to maintain, but it completely transforms the experience for the guest. Beyond being extremely useful, it shows that the hotel understands my needs and wants to address a common and widely familiar problem that everyone just accepts. That they don’t says a lot about how seriously they take customer service. They deserve the recognition — and repeat business.

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  1. theredheadsaid says

    another way to have unfoggable area: rub a bar of soap on the mirror in a square area, then rub off the excess…supposedly will create an unfoggable area – no heat energy required!

  2. says

    Altho not too useful to me, it will sure make me smile and have a good impression to the hotel and the brand. A really good user experience design is in the details. Good lesson learned.

  3. says

    Hmmm… me thinks this also keeps the guests hands off the mirror. How many mirrors get scratched by hotel guests wiping them off? Probably worth it to the hotel, especially if it's upscale. A two-fer. Keeps our mirrors in prime shape and makes happy guests. Even better really.

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