Photo of the day: Hebrew elevator

Okay, so this isn’t really a Hebrew elevator. It’s in a building in San Francisco, actually the offices of Cooper Design. I took a course there two years ago and found these buttons to be so ridiculous I just had to take a pic.

I call it a Hebrew elevator because the numbers are laid out from right to left. Did you notice that?

Could this possibly have not been an accident? What purpose would there be for arranging the floors this way? Any ideas?

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  1. BruceEsrig says

    Seems better as a mystery.

    Reminds me of the Fine Hall elevator prank, in which one or more enterprising students rearranged three floors in the tower by re-wiring the elevator. They also moved the directory information cards posted on each floor.

    A professor would go to their door, try the key, have it not work, check the directory, see their name, and believe that they were on the right floor. Then they would go back down to the office, get an explanation, and go on with their day.

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