December Flickr Updates

Not sure if you’ve ever noticed, but there’s a My Photos link in the top nav of this blog that links to my Flickr account.

Just spent some time organizing recently uploaded photos into sets.

Here are some you might wanna check out:

Fly on my window pane

From the set: Fly on my window pane

Celebrating Obama’s victory in the middle of Times Square

From the set: US Election Day 2008

A guy cleaning up an unknown substance (dirt, ashes) from the subway floor

From the set: Mets vs. Rockies at Shea Stadium

Various beer flights

From the set: Good times with friends in Fall 2008

The New Kids on the Block reunion concert at Madison Square Garden

From the set: New Kids on the Block reunion show at MSG

The famous burnt almond torte at Prantl’s Bakery in Pittsburgh (bite-sized)

From the set: Pittsburgh in October 2008

The view from Brooklyn Bridge Park

From the set: Shots from DUMBO, Brooklyn

I have a fun life :)

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