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Last Thursday was the sixth month anniversary of this little blog, and I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for just being here.

As I’ve said in previous posts, this blog and my active participation in Twitter have been the most rewarding professional pursuits that I have experienced thus far. As the ball dropped into 2008, I was hungry for more interaction with the astounding folks in my community of practice, and what I have tapped into has exceeded my wildest expectations.

But I’m still hungry. I’m insatiable. It’s one of my best/worst qualities (you decide). In the next six months, I’d love to bring readership participation to the next level. Please help me to keep creating thought-provoking, educational, even perhaps controversial conversations on this blog by never hesitating to click on that comments link and post one of your own. Every time I get an e-mail notifying me of a new comment, my heart goes aflutter and I salivate as I soak in everything you have to say.

E-mail me with ideas you have for the blog. Add me to your RSS feed reader. TELL YOUR FRIENDS! I want to rid the world of bad user experiences by helping people talk about what works. Understand your users. Design with them in mind. Go the extra mile to ensure they love your product. My readers are my users, and I’m here to make this the best experience possible for you. So please send your feedback, participate often and let’s give pleasure the attention it deserves.

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  1. Linda says

    Just a note to let you know that I do subscribe to your blog & enjoy especially the comparisons you’ve done on feed readers and other 2.0 apps with pros and cons that would be useful to librarians and library staff. They are well written and thoughtful. Kudos on your blog anniversary and keep up the good work

  2. gregorylent says

    saw a comment from you on newmediabuzz, in the direction of (my term) the conversation is the blog, and perhaps creating the tech to go under that form would be cool … basically i want the equivalent of four or five friendfeeds or interlaced twitters right on the first page …

    could be an obscure image, lot of other people’s ideas mean more to them than me, but do you have any response to this?

    gregory lent

  3. Cindy Chastain says

    You go, girl! Just wanted to say that I enjoy the energy and spirit that you bring to this community. If only half of us had the same desire and enthusiasm for expansive “conversation”. That’s what this world, our lives are made of.

    Your loyal supporter,

  4. Maxine Appleby says

    Hi Whitney,

    Just a note to say thanks. You’ve done an outstanding job with your blog. I enjoy your feedback on web 2.0 apps.

    As a consultant I work with many “Enterprise” companies trying to find their way through this big shift. I always reference your site for examples in my presentations.

    I also appreciate your personal attention and responsiveness in twitter.

    Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

    Maxine Appleby

  5. Sasha says

    Congratulations! 6 months and going strong. As an outsider to your field, I am in awe of your creativity, desire, and dedication to your work and your community. Keep it up – I am sure many great things lie ahead!

  6. Grace says

    Hi Whitney, congratulations on your first year in the blogosphere. You should know that you have enthusiastic followers in Spain (a bit afraid to comment though).
    I really liked your post on how twitter changed your life, mostly because we are so behind here, but Im not so sure about this. The way of choosing followers is similar to that of adding friends in Facebook or MySpace. Was it the same way at the beggining there?
    Thanks very much for sharing your insights, I really find your writing touching, humanizing for the web (sorry for my english).

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