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Who needs a plumber when you have Twitter?

I’m a do-it-yourself kinda girl, so instead of putting in a work order with the building staff, I’d prefer to at least try to fix things around the apartment myself. Lately I’ve been noticing a problem with my dishwasher, so I thought I’d ask Twitter: Not surprisingly, I got a lot of great advice. Here’s [Keep Reading…]

Twitter Redesigns Follower and Following Pages

Today Twitter launched a redesign of the Following and Followers pages. By default the Expanded view is displayed, but you can switch to the List view in the top left: It’ll still show you 20 people per page, but without the location and last tweet sent. On the right side of each username are two [Keep Reading…]

In case of fire: Do Not Use Twitter

Last week this photo was posted to BuzzFeed and made the rounds on Twitter. It’s originally from johnpiercy on Flickr. I think it looks doctored, but John isn’t sure. It’s just too hilarious to be real! What do you think? P.S. If I was caught in or near a fire, I definitely WOULD use Twitter. [Keep Reading…]

Twitter’s Most Moronic Change: Removing @ Reply Settings

I’m furious. Absolutely astounded and ready to scream. Why? Because Twitter just announced a drastic change to their service that will forever affect how people interact with the stream. They have effectively removed all discoverability of new people to follow and connect with, thereby destroying the very element that made Twitter the powerful networking tool [Keep Reading…]

Twitter changes its email notifications

By default, every time someone new follows you on Twitter, you get a notification via email (which you can turn off in the Settings, as I have). Yesterday I saw a bunch of people in my stream talking about a newly designed email notification so I decided to look into it. Here’s the old notification [Keep Reading…]

Twitter’s confirmation message is a usability fail

Folks know that I use this blog to call out poor user experiences, and often I’ll get requests from people to discuss a particular usability failure that gets their goat. Recently my friend Michael Gruen asked me to talk about Twitter’s relatively new design for confirmation messages, a white bar that runs along the top [Keep Reading…]

Come see me at the 140 Characters Conference

In 140 characters: My mug among the “cast of characters”: