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My Rejected Submission to Interaction11: What Lessons Can We Learn From Soap Operas For Designing Experiences

Rejection emails from IxDA’s Interaction11 conference have begun to circulate this morning. There were 300 submissions for the lightning sessions and only 30 slots, and no doubt rejecting 90% of the speakers was an extremely tough task. I don’t take it personally at all that I was included among them. Many people in the industry [Keep Reading…]

Whit Hour – Week 12

Thank you so much to the 35 people who showed up for the twelfth week of Whit Hour — my weekly one-hour video chat to answer any and all of your questions about user experience, consulting, and whatever else you throw at me. Tune in every Monday night from 10-11pm Eastern Time at http://www.livestream.com/whithour (new [Keep Reading…]

An Event Apart Minneapolis 2010

I had the distinct pleasure of presenting at An Event Apart 2009 in Boston and Chicago (read about my experience), so imagine my delight when Jeffrey and Eric asked me to reprise my talk this year in Minneapolis and San Diego! AEA attendees are a tough crowd — they’re already smart, successful and very well-informed [Keep Reading…]

Evaluations of my STC Summit 2010 talks

A few months ago I wrote about my experience presenting at STC Summit in Dallas — my first time speaking at an event outside of UX and web design. Yesterday I received the evaluations of my two talks — 10 Most Common Misconceptions About User Experience Design and Evangelizing Yourself — and I’m quite pleased [Keep Reading…]

Whit Hour is back! Week 9

After an eight-month hiatus due to a lack of decent live broadcast platforms, Whit Hour is BACK and now hosted by Justin.tv. Whit Hour is my weekly video-based “office hour” in which I answer any and all questions about user experience, consulting, and whatever else you wanna throw at me. Tune in every Monday night [Keep Reading…]

User Experience on The Big Web Show

I’m honored to be joining Jeffrey Zeldman and Dan Benjamin on tomorrow’s episode of The Big Web Show. Tune in at 1pm ET as they interview me live about all things user experience. Nothing scripted, nothing planned — just uncensored, unadulterated UX pleasure. If you can’t make it during that time, the video and podcast [Keep Reading…]

Sketchnotes from UK UPA’s UX Clinic

Like I mentioned in my post on UX London, I also had the pleasure of being on a UK UPA panel with Dave Gray, Jeff Patton, and Stephen Anderson titled UX Clinic. We spent about two hours answering the audience’s questions — some previously submitted and some on the fly. It was a blast. Eva-Lotta [Keep Reading…]