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Photo of the day: Penn Station, Charging Station

I’ve found myself at Penn Station quite a lot lately. You see, I’m working on the project of a lifetime with Happy Cog Philadelphia, so I visit by train from time-to-time. A few weeks ago I observed some unusual behavior: I’ve passed by this column dozens of times when I walk into the Amtrak area [Keep Reading…]

SeamlessWeb Mobile Site: Easy to Use, But Impossible to Order

Usablenet is responsible for some of the most easy to use mobile websites your smartphones can find. They chose a good company name. Their platform powers mobile sites such as JetBlue and Northwest Airlines, Amtrak and NJ Transit, Hilton Hotels, 1800Flowers, and dozens of other sites you’d be surprised to hear. Just point your mobile [Keep Reading…]

Tips and Tricks for BlackBerry Users

If you’ve been reading this blog for long enough, you know I don’t own an iPhone. How is it possible for a designer to not own an iPhone? Read one of my most popular posts: “Why I don’t have an iPhone (but might someday).” I am the proud owner of a BlackBerry 8830 World Edition [Keep Reading…]

Photo of the day: A 90-year-old’s cell phone

You know how you share one set of grandparents with your first cousins? I’m sad to say that my grandparents have all passed on, but I’m still very lucky to still have one nonagenarian in my life — my first cousins’ other grandmother. Her name is Jill and ever since I was a little kid [Keep Reading…]

Why I Don’t Have an iPhone (but might someday)

As you probably know, Apple released iPhone 2.0 yesterday. Watch Steve Jobs’ WWDC Keynote Address if you haven’t already seen it. I watched it live on MacRumors, and when it was over I Twittered this: That comment solicited quite a reaction from my Twitterverse. Two examples: As a designer and gadget geek, I’m constantly asked [Keep Reading…]

My Cell Phones: 2000 – Today

Alex Rainert just posted this great piece on his blog Everyday UX showing the evolution of his mobile phones from 1998 to now. I was inspired to post my own, though I have to admit I’m not sure if I have the exact models right. Thanks to GSM Arena for having photos of every mobile [Keep Reading…]

Update on Amazon’s TextBuyIt

As you may have read on Wednesday, I bought a book through Amazon’s new service TextBuyIt. I was really impressed by the user flow and was able to buy the book I was looking for in about two minutes. Even more incredible is that the book showed up at my house yesterday morning, just two [Keep Reading…]