Update on Amazon’s TextBuyIt

As you may have read on Wednesday, I bought a book through Amazon’s new service TextBuyIt. I was really impressed by the user flow and was able to buy the book I was looking for in about two minutes.

Even more incredible is that the book showed up at my house yesterday morning, just two days after I made the purchase — even though TextBuyIt automatically chooses Standard Shipping, a window of 3-5 business days. It was the edition I wanted (hardcover, the book also comes in paperback), so I have to assume that TextBuyIt chooses the most popular edition.

Purple Cow is now happily sitting my bookshelf. It’s possible I won’t use the Amazon website much anymore.

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    i tried and liked textbuyit too ! I wanted to check the edition too so i asked for details before buying. I texted in “1d” for details for item 1 and i got back messages that let me know that my book was a paperback (i wanted the paperback). It was pretty cool.

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