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Designing for Startups in Smashing Magazine

A big thanks goes out to Andrew Maier whose article “Designing for Startups: How to Deliver the Message Across” in Smashing Magazine included some thoughts from a blog post I wrote a few months ago titled “A Plan of Action.” In it he features my three approaches to design: Reactive, Preactive, and Proactive — the [Keep Reading…]

Fulfilling My Dreams, and Saying No Along the Way

I am crying. And I am desperately trying not to smear the mascara I just put on. I’m emotional this morning (well, more emotional than normal) because a professional dream of mine has been fulfilled: I’ve been published by A List Apart. I read A List Apart when I was in college and needed to [Keep Reading…]

Introducing StartUXs

I’m very excited to be the guest author on this week’s 52weeksofUX, a blog by Josh Porter and Josh Brewer, two people I greatly admire. My topic is the increasingly crucial role that user experience design plays in the success of a startup. I called the piece StartUXs (get it? startups with an X instead [Keep Reading…]

When You Startup With UX

On Wednesday, UX Magazine published my article, When You Startup with UX — a look into how a few successful startups are integrating user experience practices. I posed 5 questions to 5 people (4 folks at 3 different startups and 1 venture capitalist) to find out how they think about UX and what it means [Keep Reading…]

Facebook Privacy Settings Redesign on Fortune.com

Last week, Fortune.com (CNNMoney.com) published an article and screenshot gallery titled Hey Facebook! Here’s your privacy redesign, and I was fortunate enough to have my work included in it. Reporter JP Mangalindan reached out to me a few weeks ago and asked me to mock up a couple ideas for how Facebook could redesign its [Keep Reading…]

My 20 Guiding Principles for UX Design on Monster.com’s InsideTech

Last month I mentioned that UX Magazine would now be syndicating some of the content from Pleasure and Pain. A couple weeks ago they republished my Guiding Principles for UX Designers post, which then in turn got picked up by Monster.com’s InsideTech, a “meeting place for IT professionals.” The article has more than 2,600 views [Keep Reading…]

See For Yourself on Johnny Holland Magazine

Yesterday the wonderful Johnny Holland Magazine published my essay, See For Yourself: About the Power of Observing. The article, or more accurately, rant, is all about how imperative it is for user experience designers to actively observe the world around us on a regular basis. Re-reading it now, it feels quite different than most of [Keep Reading…]