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Help me compile my greatest hits

I’m in the process of creating a new homepage that will do a much better job of surfacing old (and still relevant) content, provide easier access to resources and organize my writing from the last five years.

In determining what to highlight, I’d love to get feedback from my readers (you!).

  • What are your favorite posts?
  • What posts do you find yourself coming back to most often?
  • Which topics are you the most eager to read about?
  • Which themes have resonated with you the most?

I would greatly appreciate any feedback, thoughts, insights, ideas you may have about which posts I should feature, how to organize and present my content — and of course what you would like to see me writing about more. You can browse my archives to jog your memory. Please share in the comments or via email at [email protected].

Thank you so so much in advance! I am dedicated to making Pleasure & Pain a place you want to keep visiting for years to come. You motivate and inspire me every day.

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