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Elegy for Capitalism

10 years ago, I was a sophomore in college. I had an assignment in my poetry class to imitate another poet’s style. How I felt then is no different than how I feel now.

Elegy for Capitalism

By Whitney Hess
Imitating Larry Levis
Written 11/01/2001

It’s a new love outside
A love you’ll never see.
As I saw you leap to freedom
Your work shoes reminded me
Of your death sentence.

I saw you on the TV,
Knew who you were,
But didn’t recognize your face.
Was it just too hot inside?
What was wrong with the stairs?

I am an ocean,
Neither here nor there,
But everywhere.
A reflection of you: hot and cold,
Wet and new, but I’ve been here forever.

I met you in my dreams,
Shook your hand,
Signed the contract,
Sealed the deal.
Life is a job that kills us.

9/11. We will never forget.

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