SeamlessWeb: Don’t get between me and my food

I’ve written about SeamlessWeb before, so you probably know that I’m a huge fan of their service (delivery from an enormous selection of restaurants), but quite appalled by their website. I put up with poor usability for two very important reasons: I love food, and there’s no other option.

My biggest complaint has always been their login process, so imagine my glee when I pulled up the site the other night and found a completely redesigned page.

And then, a few days later, it was gone:

According to @seamlessweb, they are in fact doing some testing, and plan to launch the redesign soon.

Allow me to present to you the old and new existing user login flows so that you can make your own judgment about the update.

SeamlessWeb’s Old Login Process


Login Page

SeamlessWeb’s New Login Process


That’s it!

On the old site, it was obvious that corporate accounts were valued much more highly than personal accounts. Having to hunt down the buried link every time I wanted to order some food just made me incredibly angry. I’m hungry! Let me in!

Now, the focus is on the consumer, and login credentials can actually be entered from the homepage — like almost every other account-based site on the Internet. And best of all, it keeps you logged in.

I can’t wait for the new SeamlessWeb homepage to be launched permanently! What do you all think of the change?

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  1. says

    I think the change is great. It also eliminates a step ( having to click the link to get to the login page) in the process as well. Now everything is designed nicely right into the homepage.

  2. says

    I'll let you in on a secret… You could always login to the consumer site from the corporate login box.

    Mike – An engineer at SW who is not in charge of usability ;)

  3. Drew says

    I had the same experience the other day. They have amazing content, it's just a bear to assimilate it into a desirable lunch order when I'm freaking hungry already.

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