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Sketching made easier by UI Stencils

Yes, I’m obsessed with Konigi’s Omnigraffle wireframe stencils, but what if you could have real-life stencils to help you sketch? You can. They’re called UI Stencils, and they’re made by Design Commission, an experience design agency in Seattle.

Drawing can be intimidating for a lot of folks, and the fear of not being a “good drawer” prevents people from picking up a pencil to communicate their ideas. But UI Stencils make that a breeze by providing stainless steal stencils for common UI components for websites, iPhone and now iPad. Their kits also come with a mechanical pencil and PDF templates. Not bad for just 18 bucks each.

They also sell sketchpads and sticky pads with the browser chrome pre-printed so you needed worry about drawing to scale.

Follow them on Twitter @uistencils.

[I honestly can’t remember how I happened upon these, or if someone sent me a link directly. If it was you, tell me so in the comments. I apologize in advance :)]

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  • seancrowe

    I love this stencil! I got one from the future of web design conference during Daniel Burka's workshop. Its a great little tool.

  • http://www.thisisaaronslife.com/ Aaron Irizarry

    yeah… ummm these are awesome!

    Goodbye stick figures…. Hello UI Stencils

  • http://nickfinck.myopenid.com/ Nick Finck

    Whitney, I posted this in the Gifts for UX Geeks list a while back:

    Design Commission rocks, they host our Refresh Seattle events every month. I'll tell the guys about your post.

  • nickcody

    If you can tolerate MS tools, or your folks develop apps using WPF, MS Sketchflow offers a nice tool for prototypes that can flow right into the designer/developer workflow. The screen shots show a pen-and-paper theme which yields fun screens like those you might draw with these stencils:


  • obxdesignworks

    Nice find. Added to the wish list.

    Since you mentioned Konigi, I use their wireframe and storyboard notepads and this stencil would make a nice complimentary tool. Thanks for sharing. :)

  • http://madisonsapphire.com Bryan Holland


    First -great tactile, old-school drawing aid.
    Second- thanks for the tip on the OmniGraffle stencils. I am a long-time user and advocate for Omnigraffle. My GOTO tool of choice.
    Lastly- you are an inspiration. Keep on keepin on with your independence in UX/IA.