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NY Tech Meetup: The European Edition

Last night, Dawn Barber and Meetup.com CEO and co-founder Scott Heiferman hosted a special edition of NY Tech Meetup at Meetup HQ.

NY Tech Meetup: European Edition gave 11 startups from all over Europe the chance to wow us tough New Yorkers with 3-minute demos of their webapps. The companies are all 2009 winners of Saul Klein‘s Seedcamp, a sort of Y Combinator for Europe.

The 11 European companies that presented were: Advertag, Codility, Erply, Brainient, Kukunu, Kwaga, Patients Know Best, Joobili, Platogo, ShoutEm, and Wondergraphs.

Here are my Twitter notes from the event:

  • @heif is introing NY Tech Meetup: European Edition. We’re on the 3rd floor of Meetup HQ. Everything here is red & white! (no surprise)
  • Saul of @SeedCamp is talking about how it was inspired by the Y-Combinator model. He’s brought 12 European companies with him tonight
  • Up first is Advertag, a classifieds listing based on tags. http://harrogate.advertag.com
  • @Codility, originally from Poland, now in London. They help you find the right developers based on short programming tests
  • @Erply, from Estonia, is a commercial retail inventory software solution for retail and distribution businesses http://erply.net
  • Brainient, from London & Romania, helps video publishers make more money w their content using interactive elements–like Klickable.tv
  • Kukunu founder: “I have a Belgian ID, a London residence, and a French accent.” Freaking cool travel planning webapp http://kukunu.com
  • Kukunu lets you ask your Twitter followers for travel tips and then pulls in the replies to help make hotel/activity recommendations!
  • Kwaga, from Paris, helps you deal w email overload. Adds button into Gmail interface to turn emails into to-dos. Like GTD w learning
  • Patientsknowbest.com in Cambridge, UK is a message center b/w patients and their doctors/nurses. *Really* needs a new homepage though
  • It’s hot as hell in here. Matches the red walls I’m surrounded by and red couch I’m sitting on
  • Joobili, from Hungary, is a travel site with a new spin. You tell them when you’re available, they inspire you where to go
  • Joobili presents the events/festivals that are going on around the world, and based on those encourages you to travel to that location
  • Joobili is a great concept, but they gotta get rid of the loaders between every page. Incredibly annoying and not necessary
  • Joobili: I have *lots* of ideas for you. Contact me here or at [email protected]
  • Kwaga is more interesting than it seems at first glance. Minimal user interaction, but uses semantic analysis to understand email use
  • Veggie Snake, a game by Platogo in Vienna, is a Facebook game that encourages interactions with your friends (sharing scores, etc)
  • Platogo by extension is a platform for help developers bring their games into Facebook and integrate with social features
  • @ShoutEm from Croatia is a tool to create mobile social networks for any niche community. Founder describes as “Ning meets Foursquare”
  • @Wondergraphs from Belgium lets you create graphs & “visually explore your data.” Share with others, export, reuse graphs for new data
  • @wondergraphs lets you import Excel spreadsheets, Google spreadsheets, text files, or link to relational databases
  • @wondergraphs uses Flex (cc @orian)
  • GREAT show of European startups tonight. @SeedCamp did a stellar job of finding innovative companies solving real problems. Bravo!

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