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What REALLY happened during the IA Summit (#IAS09)

To discover what we were really talking about during IA Summit 2009, Damon Herren used Wordle to create a word cloud visualization from all of the tweets containing the hashtag #IAS09.

And what’s smack dab in the middle? Me! I know I tweet up a storm when I’m at conferences, but the @ prefacing my name means that it was replies to or mentions of me, not my tweets.

Elena Melendy sent this my way and I cracked up as soon as I saw it. She put it best:

I thought you might get a kick out of this. As I commented to the blog author, that was the whole point of your evangelism presentation–putting yourself out there front and center is how you build community.

Even though it makes me a bit uncomfortable to be front and center, I suppose I did accomplish what I set out to. It’s important to me that I practice what I preach. So there you go — I guess this stuff works.

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