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Skitch beta 8 now available

If you follow me on Twitter or read this blog enough, you probably already know that I’m completely in love with Skitch. It’s by far the most common tool that I use for my everyday work — taking screenshots, making annotations, resizing images, etc.

Skitch beta 8 was just released a couple days ago with a slew of new and improved features.


  • Added BMP support
  • Added GIF support
  • Port number support added for SFTP/FTP/WebDAV
  • File size is now displayed in bottom left hand corner
  • “Background Color to Transparent” added to Skitch Toolbox menu
  • Settings tab re-organized into subsections
  • Minimize button is now available when in ‘flipped’ mode


  • Leopard’s “Spaces” interaction improved
  • Camera snap now works on Unibody MacBooks
  • Reduced CPU usage with iLife integration
  • Reduced CPU usage when Skitch is hidden
  • Increased stability with iLife integration
  • Vector images (PDF and EPS) now display at original ‘physical size’ when opened in Skitch
  • File type in Skitch.app changes when “Skitch it!” images are opened from Skitch.com
  • “mySkitch” account names renamed to “Skitch”
  • Pressing Esc just after a snap no longer causes a crash
  • Camera snap now stops counting if operation is cancelled
  • “Add Shadow to Image” no longer resets image to original size if image has been resized
  • Skitch menubar item no longer shifts positions automatically after an operation

I can’t wait to see what else comes to this amazing product — and when they’ll finally strike the “beta” and go into a general release. Feel free to discuss with the lovely co-founders Cris Pearson a.k.a. @atariboy and Keith Lang a.k.a. @songcarver.

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  1. Downloading today. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Aw Shucks, thanks Whitney for your kind words!

    We're always keen to hear how people use Skitch, and really appreciate feedback.
    And yes, we realize it's been an “extended” beta – will have some news soon :-)

    Keith Lang

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