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User Centered Design is now closed

Last year at IA Summit 2008, Jared Spool declared that it was time for us to retire the dogma of user-centered design, citing that the most effective design teams don’t follow a specific methodology, but instead have a whole toolbox of techniques and tricks to use when the time is right.

Flip through his slides and listen to Jared’s audio below:

This morning I got quite a chuckle when I logged into Facebook to find a new message from the User-Centred Design group:

I guess it took them 10 months to get the memo. It’s unfortunate that Luke Perman chose to close it when there were 2,400+ members. The group could have been re-purposed for something, no?

Luke, willing to hand over the rights?

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  • andrewmaier

    Whitney, this is fantastic. Thanks for pointing this wonderful presentation out. I didn't even know there was a facebook group for user-centered design. Where else are you involved in the UX community digitally?


  • http://www.thisisaaronslife.com Aaron Irizarry

    I shared this with our UX/Dev team…. it was awesome to all of the sudden see light bulbs click on above everyones heads (including my own).

    Thanks for sharing this.

    • http://www.whitneyhess.com/blog Whitney Hess

      So wonderful to hear. Thanks for letting me know.