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Happy Cog and Happy Whitney

Shortly after I quit my full-time job in late August to become an independent consultant, the ubiquitous Liz Danzico kindly referred me to Jeffrey Zeldman for a short-term gig with Happy Cog.

If you haven’t heard of Happy Cog, they are an internationally-recognized web design consultancy responsible for the design of Ma.gnolia, Advertising Age, Housing Works, and the recent redesign of WordPress 2.5 (the CMS on which this blog runs). They also founded this little online magazine you may have heard of, A List Apart (note: that was sarcasm).

Jeffrey Zeldman is the founder of Happy Cog and almost single-handedly responsible for jump-starting the web standards movement. He is one of the world’s first bloggers and the co-founder, with Eric Meyer, of An Event Apart.

My point is this: if you work on the web and haven’t heard of Happy Cog and Jeffrey Zeldman, you haven’t been paying attention.

I think it goes without saying that Jeffrey is a pioneer, and it was an honor to be introduced to him, let alone get the chance to work alongside him. We meshed instantly and the past three months working with him has been an absolute pleasure.

Today, I’m beyond thrilled to announce that Happy Cog has made me a strategic partner. You can now find my bio under the About section of the Happy Cog website.

I wanted to take a moment to thank Jeffrey and all of Happy Cog publicly for enabling me to work with this incredible team of esteemed practitioners on some of the most coveted projects on the web today. I am humbled by this opportunity and can’t wait to help them make gorgeous websites that benefit people around the world.

Thank you so much.

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  • Susana (@hamsterball)

    Yay Whitney – excellent news! Congrats!

  • http://www.dangerouslyawesome.com alexknowshtml

    Wicked. Congrats. 'Nother excuse for you to stop by in Philly more in case you're working with with the Philly HC office. :)

    • http://www.whitneyhess.com/blog Whitney Hess

      Not sure if I'll have the opportunity to work with the Philly office — they operate as a separate entity for the most part. But Kevin Hoffman just joined as their Director of User Experience, so I'll definitely be coming down to meet him.

  • http://www.globalcitizenexperiment.com Mike Davis

    Whitney, that's awesome! You are such a rockstar. WAY TO GO!!! You deserve the best. Keep on rockin' the casba!

  • http://xhipi.com Matthew Oliphant

    I can say, “I knew her when…”

    Congrats Happy Cog peeps, Whitney rocks. Which you probably already know. But I suspected you needed my validation.

  • http://www.michaelgalpert.com michaelgalpert


  • http://hudsn.org hud

    that's fantastic awesome news, Congratulations.

  • http://twitter.com/mediajunkie xian

    wow! two great tastes that taste great together.

    whitney, sometimes you rock so hard it's scary.

  • http://mandle.org mandle

    Happy Whitney, Happy Happy Cog, Happy Clients, Happy Designers, Happy Developers… i'm forgetting someone… Oh yeah! HAPPY USERS! This unordered list of happy folk will continue to grow :) sincerest congratulations.

  • http://www.rowast.com robert

    Congrats Ms. Hess, and congrats to Happy Cog, they snagged a good one.

  • http://dani-adayinthelifeofacoffeeaddict.blogspot.com/ Danielle

    How exciting! Congratulations

  • http://www.whitneyhess.com/blog Whitney Hess

    Thank you so much to everyone for the congratulations. It means more to me than I can put into words.

  • http://www.mattrobin.com Matt Robin

    Congratulations Whitney – Happy Cog are a big deal! :)

  • http://www.janequigley.com janequigley

    Congratulations on the Happy Cog position. I think they are one of the most creative shops in the US (and you definitely fit right in!).

  • http://www.waltribeiro.net Walt Ribeiro

    Congrats! A happy Whitney makes the world go round :)

  • Martha

    Congrats again Whitney. Keep reaching for the stars!

  • http://www.designersreviewofbooks.com Andy Polaine

    Congratulations! That's great news.

  • http://www.coskay.com CoSkay

    Congrats Whitney, that is great news!

    (On a side note, your bio picture on their website is fabulous!)

    • http://www.whitneyhess.com/blog Whitney Hess

      You made me blush :) Thank you!

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