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My BlackBerry Wishlist

RIM, Mike Lazaridis, if you’re out there, listen up. Here are my recommendations for improving the BlackBerry user experience:

1- Provide the ability to “Add To Existing Contact.” I don’t want to have to copy a new phone number or e-mail address from a message and paste it into the entry in my address book. That’s a pain. So when I select “Add To Address Book” try to be smart and recognize that the person already exists.

2- If I read an email on my desktop machine, don’t show it as unread on my BlackBerry, but don’t delete it either. I like that I can “Mark Prior Opened,” but it isn’t immediately clear to me which messages I’ve already seen and which I haven’t.

3- Let me flag messages as important. Come on, every mail program has that!

4- I want to be able to view HTML e-mails. Please.

5- Two words: Wi-Fi.

6- Let me choose the icon for my custom ringer profiles. Your one icon (blue man with a star) is the image for both my Work and Home profiles, so at a quick glance I don’t know which one is activated. I have to roll over the icon to find out, and that’s a waste of my time.

7- When I’m in my address book, give me a one-click option to jump to the top of the list. You do this in the inbox, why not here?

That’s all I have for now, but will update this list as necessary. For all of you iPhone users out there gloating right now, wipe that smirk right off your face. I have copy and paste. Nananana poo poo!

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  1. Get a windows mobile device, such as a Mogul from Sprint, and you will have all the above, plus GPS!

  2. >1- Provide the ability to “Add To Existing Contact.”
    Done with 'Add To Contact' http://software.crackberry.com/product.asp?id=2


  1. […] Pretty obvious how I feel about my Crackberry — I’m addicted. Push email, full QWERTY keyboard, BB Messenger (IM-client), the Web (ok, it’s mobile web). You can read all about it here and here. […]

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