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TwitterBerry was mean to me

I’ve got a thing for Twitter and I own a BlackBerry, so naturally I use TwitterBerry. It’s a downloadable BB app that lets me post updates, get replies, read my friends timeline and the public timeline — all without having to load Twitter in the mobile browser.

It isn’t perfect, but it usually works pretty well and is generally painless… that was until last night. When it couldn’t find tweets to populate my friends timeline, it gave me an unexpected error that almost hurt my feelings.

twitterberry error

Ha! Isn’t that hilarious?! What an unfortunate goof. I suppose the TwitterBerry developers never took the time to test their error messages on the front-end. If they had, perhaps they might have avoided insulting their users.

This is what the Friends Timeline normally looks like:

twitterberry friends timeline

Has anyone else using TwitterBerry experienced this?

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  1. o my gawd! I laughed out loud when I saw that! Indeed, Karen (my wife) stopped playing her accordion to inquire what was wrong. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Joe, your wife plays the accordion?! That’s the opposite of Twitter.

  3. Whitney,

    This happens to me using twitterberry every once in a while…. I seem to get less errors from twitterberry than form Tiny Twitter. It would be nice if TB received DM’s as well. (my blackberry only checks email every 10 min)

    /acmephoto (on twitter, flickr, etc)

  4. Adam, I’ve never tried Tiny Twitter. When I first got into Twitter in January, I did a search for BB apps and only found Twitterberry. Are there others?

    And why does your BB only check email every 10 min? Are you using an IMAP server or something?

  5. David McHugh says:

    Had the same thing happen to me after TwitterBerry ran fine for a day or two. I had to change the Permissions in Settings | Advanced Options | Applications | TwitterBerry | Edit Permissions. I changed all “Connections” to Allow. Work the trick.

  6. David McHugh says:

    Well, I think I spoke too soon. After the above change, I was able to post tweets and view timelines for a little while, then it went back to its non-working state. Funny that TwitterBerry on my corporate 8820 isn’t working while on my wife’s personal Curve it is working fine. If I solve this, I’ll post here. If anyone has a definite solution, I’d love to read it here.

  7. upload to the newest version on twitterberry 0.8 and that should fix most of your issues

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