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Adaptive Path interview with Zipcar CEO Scott Griffith

“Zipcar is uniquely a self-service business. What we’re trying to do is give you a very conveniently located automobile that doesn’t require human interaction or human intervention to get into it. And that requires a lot of technology in the background, but hopefully it is very simple to use for a member.”

I haven’t personally used Zipcar, but I hear great things. Has anyone out there ever had a negative experience with them?

A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods
There are numerous ways to communicate information through visuals. Here is a collection of samples organized by content type: data, information, concept, strategy, metaphor, compound. My design partner Lily and I are eager to incorporate at least one new visualization into each new project we take on. So far I’ve only used seven of these. How many have you used?
{Thanks to Christopher Fahey}

Design Police
“Bring bad design to justice.” Five templates of labels to print and stick to designs that truly suck. Best not to use for client work.

A lot of design agencies just don’t take the time to produce a site that truly reflects their skill set and unique perspective. Schematic did. And I love it for its simultaneous simplicity and complexity. One day I’ll steal the idea for my personal portfolio.

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