Apple Customer Support Fiasco

I just had the most inexcusably bad experience with Apple Customer Support. So shockingly bad that I can’t even believe it was Apple on the other end of the line. Let me preface my story by saying that I’ve been a devoted Apple customer since I was in the 5th grade — 17 years ago. [Keep Reading…]

The conditioner bottles at The Hampton Inn

When I was in Austin for SxSW Interactive, I stayed at the Hampton Inn a block away from the Austin Convention Center. I chose the hotel because it was convenient, even though the room rate was out of control — $299/night (which I got reduced to $259). I recognize that when 10,000 geeks descend upon [Keep Reading…]

PayPal’s Live Chat Falls Short

I just had a very strange interaction with a PayPal sales rep. I suppose I was sitting on the Website Payments Standard Pricing page for a while, so I was a prime target for a sell. A pop-up appeared (that I failed to capture) asking me if I needed help, so I decided to say [Keep Reading…]