Rejected by EuroIA

The blog posts that I tag with Props are not-so-subtle pats on the back for all my hard work and determination to make a difference. Since I spend enough time tooting my own horn, I thought it only fair to share some disappointment with you as well. Today I received an email from Eric Reiss, [Keep Reading…]

Who is Kristin Maverick’s mentor?

[This post is part of a series on Mentors and Heroes] Kristin Maverick is Director of Communications at Carrot Creative, and was previously an account executive at Bite Communications. She is the co-organizer of Digital DUMBO, a monthly gathering of Brooklyn digerati. Follow her on Twitter @kmaverick.   Kristin Maverick’s mentor is… Chantelle Karl, PR [Keep Reading…]

Who is Jorge Arango’s hero?

[This post is part of a series on Mentors and Heroes] Jorge Arango is an information architect based in Panama, and founder and chief instigator at BootStudio, one of the first web consultancies in Central America. He is also the current president of the Information Architecture Institute. Follow him on Twitter @jarango. Jorge Arango’s hero [Keep Reading…]

Who is Peter Kim’s mentor?

[This post is part of a series on Mentors and Heroes] Peter Kim is a senior partner at Dachis Corporation, and was previously an analyst at Forrester Research. His current startup, helping companies make social business design a reality, is funded by Austin Ventures. Follow him on Twitter @peterkim. Peter Kim’s mentor is… Jay Mulay, [Keep Reading…]

Mentors and Heroes

I grew up without any heroes. That’s a hard thing to admit. In the 5th grade when every kid had to stand up in front of the room and talk about his or her role model, I just made one up that would sound good. How is this possible? Even at that tender age, I [Keep Reading…]

Being a consultant is like being an actor

Last August, I quit my full-time job to become an independent consultant. Best professional decision I’ve ever made. But let me tell you the truth: it isn’t for everyone. Recently I was contemplating how to convey the complexities of consulting to people who are considering a career change (that’s a lot of Cs!). Suddenly it [Keep Reading…]