“Design Principles: The Philosophy of UX” featured on Core77

Last Thursday I gave my talk Design Principles: The Philosophy of UX, at WebVisions at the Hudson Hotel in NYC. Christina Beard, a graphic designer and writer for Core77, was in the audience and wrote about my presentation in an article published yesterday.

Core 77

Christina later asked me if I believed my principles would change as technologies change and users adapt. I told her:

I feel confident that my principles for designing experiences will stand the test of time because they are technology agnostic. People deserve to be treated with humanity and empathy regardless of the communication medium. As the web evolves, as technology becomes even more pervasive and robust, we have both an increasing opportunity and responsibility to treat each other with compassion. I hope that my principles can continue to guide our behavior as technologists and ultimately change the way we do business at the most fundamental level.

Core77 is possibly the oldest-ever online magazine, started by two Pratt Students (my dad’s alma mater) for industrial designers, and has expanded to all facets of design over the years. It’s a very highly respected publication and I am honored to have my name in it.

I hope this helps designers of all stripes to think about the philosophy behind their work and approach their designs with principle and purpose.

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Can you tell just how sick I was from the photo? Eesh!

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