Silver Winner of the Inaugural User Experience Awards

I am incredibly honored to have won an award at last night’s User Experience Awards at the Parsons School of Design. I was awarded one of four Silver prizes for my work on the Boxee beta application, and was given the distinction of Best User Centered Design Process. Wow! Thank you so much to the jurors for your selection.

While I was unfortunately unable to attend the event in person, it was such a treat to see the tweets when the award was announced.

The first-annual User Experience Awards was coordinated by NYC-CHI, New York City’s largest and oldest user experience and usability organization, as part of NYC’s Internet Week 2011 in partnership with the NYC chapter of the Usability Professionals Association (NYC UPA), the NYC chapter of the Interaction Design Association (NYC IxDA), and the NYC Information Architecture Meetup.

The jurors for the awards:

  • Chloe Gottlieb
  • Bryan Hamilton
  • Peter March
  • Gloria Petron
  • Whitney Quesenbery
  • Nicole Rubin
  • Kip Voytek
  • Beverly May (Moderator)

My submission details:

Submission: The UX Design Process for the Boxee Beta


Submission Description:
Boxee hired me as their user experience designer to help make the beta version of its media center application more mainstream-friendly. I reconceived its navigation, introduced search across content sources, and integrated social features in a less intrusive way.

Submission background and context:
In the five months that I worked with Boxee, I conducted user interviews and usability tests with several existing and prospective users, developed personas and scenarios based on my findings, created a prioritized feature set and long-term product roadmap, and drew flow diagrams and detailed wireframes of the new experience. The full process and outcomes can be found here:

About the applicant:
Whitney Hess is an Independent UX Design Consultant in New York City. For more information:

About the applicant’s client: Boxee,

Project Industry: Publishing/Media

The UX team on this project: Whitney Hess

Completion date for the UX portion of the project: 10/10/2009

[Read about all of the 2011 winners]

Thank you again!

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  1. Brandon says

    Congrats on your award Whitney…it shows good work is still rewarded. Have you documented your UCD process anywhere?

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