Lifework — A philosophy, a lifestyle, a revolution

Around this time three years ago, I started considering the possibilities of being independently-employed for the first time. Quite honestly it had never even really occurred to me before I met people who were doing it — and were happy, successful and encouraging. It wasn’t until August of that year that I actually took the plunge.

Being independent has always been something I’ve prided myself on, as an adjective. But the last three years living it, as a noun, has completely reshaped my identity.

I’m proud to release to the public a scrapbook I’ve been keeping of articles, facts, tips, guidance, did-you-knows, personal stories and general inspiration about going independent, staying independent, and growing independently — as a way to live, not just to work.

I call it Lifework because anyone who’s out on their own knows it’s about putting life first. It’s about finding your life’s work and following the numerous paths that are laid out before you. It’s not just a job and it’s more than a career.

Self-employment is of the self; it requires a tremendous amount of self-discipline, self-reflection, self-control, self-confidence, self-doubt, self-determination, self-sacrificing, and often, if we’re being honest here, self-indulgence.

These are topics I want to explore more fully and intend to dedicate a major part of my life to better understanding and sharing what I find with others. I hope you join me.

[Lifework — The other way around]

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