The 5-Year Anniversary of My LLC

With all of my elation yesterday, I completely forgot to acknowledge that on August 3, 2005, I signed the paperwork that established my LLC.

I was 7 months into my first full-time job at Digitas, and struggling to make ends meet. Since friends and family were already asking me to “just help them” with their websites, I decided to make it official and start freelancing.

For my very first project, I charged the client $1,000, and laughed myself to sleep believing I had gotten away with bloody murder. Then I ended up having to pay $1,500 to my Flash designer for unexpected revisions. So yes, I paid $500 for my first gig. Rock on, Whitney.

Over the next three years, I had my fair share of lessons on client management, resource management, budget management, and time management — all while maintaining a full-time job. Over time, my “real job” started to feel like my “side job.” The next step became obvious.

With three months of expenses in the bank, I bit the bullet and decided to go solo. It’ll be two years ago in just a few weeks. I’ll save my thoughts on that for another blog post.

Sometimes life moves so fast you can hardly keep up. Five years! Ha, I thought it was just to get me out of debt. I just didn’t realize at the time that that was way beyond financial. It saved me.

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    Congratulations, Whitney! Very happy for you. I just sent my 1st registration renewal to the VA SCC for Regular Joe Consulting–coming up on my 18-month anniversary (then again, I’ve done some sole pro stuff in the past, along with working as an innie or as a consultant with big firms).

    Keep on rockin’ it!

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    Congrats to you Whitney. I have been through the ups and downs, and in my case back and forth, of employment and self-employeed. I commend you for your drive and congratulate you on your success. Keep up the great work =)

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    Congratulations too. I came across this post just at the right time, I’m just starting on the road to taking on some freelance work on top of my day job.

    Somehow it doesn’t seem like extra work at all, it seems really exciting!

    If I still feel like that in 5 years, I’ll be sure to post a blog about it ;)

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