Whose life is this?

As my 28th birthday comes to a close, I can’t help but reflect on the past year. I experienced the deepest love, faced my greatest fears, and found accomplishments I never knew I could have.

Life feels like it’s happening to me, like I’m largely out of control. And perhaps I am, but I need to own it. My goal for age 28 is to truly be present in this life. To stop doubting my successes. To stop diminishing my worthiness. To just accept life as it is, as wholly my own, to revel in, to cherish, and to expand upon with each passing day.

I look around at my friends, my business, my possessions, and I ask, “Did I really create all this?” It doesn’t feel real, and it doesn’t feel like mine. But it is. This dream is really my reality.

What a gift. What a life. I am humbled by the greatness of it, and no longer in fear of what may be.

With love, to all of you who continually touch my soul,

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    Two things:

    1) Bullshit—you made this. And you’re a great role model for others who want to do what you have done.

    2) It’s nice to see that you do have your doubts. It shows everyone else that you don’t have to be some kind of Superman to do what you have done.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    I didn’t know we were just about the exact same age.

    If I say “I thought you were older than me”, it should come as compliment. I only say this because you have accomplished quite a bit at such a young age –and because you have done this, having my same age, it was natural for me to assume you had at least a couple more years of “life experience” :)

    This only makes me want to:

    1.Congratulate you (of course), and

    2.Gather your example as inspiration to become a better designer and practitioner in our field –and beyond.

    The doubts and fears you speak of are things most people reading this post could relate to, I’m sure. It just shows that notable success is not out of reach for anyone experiencing the same feelings at some point.

    So thank you, and of course –Feliz Cumpleaños!

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    I agree with Diego, Whitney. I find you to be a total inspiration. I’m so proud that you’ve accomplished so much at a young age; it makes me feel like anything is possible. Congratulations!

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    thanks for sharing with such honesty. I’m with the others, you’re an inspiring role model for UX designers in the making—and already made—as well as anyone starting their own consulting business. Keep it up!

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      Tom, that really means so much to me. Thank you for the kind words. It has been a pleasure working with you, and I feel like it’s just getting started!

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