New to New York?

My new friend Dave Dawson recently graduated college and moved from Cambridge to NYC. While I was timid and intimidated when I first entered the working world, Dave is quite the opposite –– he is eager to put himself out there, meet lots of new people, and see what the city has to offer.

Over lunch last week he asked me what events he should be attending; like many people I know, he’s had a hard time finding NYC-specific mailing lists for design and UX organizations, and isn’t really sure where to look.

When I first got the spark to start socializing in the field (much later than Dave, might I add), I had a tough time distinguishing the worthwhile events from the worthless ones — and unfortunately wasted my time at a few duds along the way.

It only just occurred to me that I’ve never collected a list of the events my close friends and I regularly attend. So here it is finally, for Dave and for all the folks new to New York (or ready to try something new). May you find pleasure, inspiration, and camaraderie.

And of course if you see me across the room, come over and say hi!

UX & Design

UX Book Club NYC

Interaction Design Association (IxDA) – NYC Chapter


School of Visual Arts – MFA in Interaction Design

Content Strategy NYC

Usability Professionals Association – NY Chapter

Agile Experience Design NYC


Art Directors Club

Creative Mornings

General Tech

NY Tech Meetup



Ignite NYC


Brooklyn Future Meetup

Entrepreneurship & Self-Employment

Ultralight Startups

Entrepreneurs Roundtable

Clickable’s Interesting Café

Jelly NYC (Friday coworking)

Niche Interests

Arts, Culture and Technology Meetup

Fashion 2.0 Meetup

New York Web Standards Meetup

TONS of other tech events are listed on Gary’s Guide and nextNY.

Thanks so everyone who contributed to this list! You know who you are.

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    Hi Whitney: Thanks for this — I'm another Bostonian making the move to NYC in the coming couple of months. These are good resources for firing up the old networking shoes. Yes, I have networking shoes. And yes, they fire up.

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